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Angle Test & Drain PRV

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Adjustable PRV 175PSI - 310PSI

The Lansdale field adjustable relief valve is rated for up to 310 psi.
The adjustable relief valve allows for the required NFPA field
hydrostatic testing to be accomplished without removing and/or
plugging the outlet for the relief valve. The Model LV-1 set
pressure is field adjustable for system pressure of 175 psi to 310 psi.
See Relief Valve Setting Procedure for detailed information.
Note: In accordance with NFPA 13, all wet pipe sprinkler systems must
be equipped with a minimum 1/2” pressure relief valve.
• Maximum System Working Pressure: 310 psi
• Relief Valve Pressure Range: 175 psi to 310 psi

Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve

Adjustable PRV 75PSI - 175PSI

The 1/2" Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve can be field adjusted from 75-175 psi.

New Product

FDC Pump Test Header

Lansdale FDC Pump Test Headers are made in the USA. Other configurations available upon request.

Connections: Grooved, Flanged and Threaded

New Product

Straight Siamese - Single Clapper, Grooved

Lansdale Grooved Outlet FDC's are UL Listed and FM Approved in accordance to NFPA. Each FDC is made of solid brass construction and a single clapper design.

Available Threads: NST, NST

New Product

Drum Drip Auxiliary Drain

  • Ready to Install
  • 1” UL/FM Ball Valves
  • Hot dipped galvanized fittings
  • Rated to 175 psi
  • Tested to 700 psi
  • Made in the USA
  • Item# 650-375-00070